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About us

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About us

Intuition Paris takes its first steps in the 70s in the mind of Dan. Building on experience and solid technique,
he begins to imagine his own workshop, which he later sets up in the 3rd district of Paris. At the heart of it, all is craftsmanship; and quality and detail are what drive his creations.

At a time in which the punk movement dominates the music scene, Dan is inspired by this fine and scare material, and the uniqueness of each hide. The small workshop begins to specialize in leather pieces for rising brands of the time.

These series of events prompts Dan to build his own firm – Intuition Paris. It adopts the codes of leather, exclusivity and rarity, and its first showroom is opened in the heart of Paris, capital of fashion, luxury and elegance.

Intuition Paris draws on over thirty years of experience to achieve its collections. Ideas are buzzing at the heart of its design office, creating original models where the quality of the skins is paramount.

Entrusted to the expert hands of artisans and carefully selected only the finest are held to unveil their different aspects, marrying with ease to cashmere or silk, recently invited to share in the composition of the lines.

Perpetually pursuing its research and technical innovations, Intuition Paris is working to give life to blends avant-garde and unexpected that constitute the essence of the brand.

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